Job Evaluation and Job Measurement


Job measurement is a foundational exercise that ensures you have a clear and consistent way to define jobs and their relative internal ranking.

Jobs can be measured using qualitative approaches, such as whole job ranking, as well as quantitative approaches, such as the use of point factor job evaluation plan.

Because the point factor approach assigns numeric point scores to jobs, it is the commonly used methodology when addressing pay equity compliance. The resulting point scores serve a number of functions such as

  • Establishing a continuum of jobs that represents the organization’s hierarchy
  • Allowing jobs with comparable internal value to be identified
  • Illustrating how jobs naturally cluster together in the hierarchy, supporting the development of a base pay structure
  • Enabling the pay analysis required to comply with pay equity legislation in Ontario and Quebec and federally for federally regulated employers  (see our Pay Equity Consulting section for more details)

Gallagher McDowall Associates has developed a proprietary point factor and gender neutral job evaluation plan and job profile or questionnaire that has been used to assess many diverse positions in more than 400 organizations.

The McDowall Universal Job Evaluation Plan helps contribute directly to the development of pay structures that are both internally equitable and externally competitive. We also develop customized job evaluation plans for clients seeking a more tailored approach.

To see the McDowall Universal Job Evaluation Plan in action, click here to see a demonstration of how the tool operates.

Our online job evaluation tools enable users to coordinate, document and maintain both large and small job evaluation processes on a secure and hosted web site. For clients who do not require online solutions for their job evaluation projects, we offer standalone Excel-based solutions that offer the integrated tools needed to conduct an efficient project.

At Gallagher McDowall Associates, we work in an open and collaborative manner with employees and unions. What’s more, we train clients to maintain the job evaluation after the process is completed.

Check out our helpful [Download not found] (PDF) on the McDowall Associates Job Evaluation methodology for more details.