Board of Director Advisory Services

Gallagher McDowall Associates is a fully independent consulting firm. We provide a full suite of advisory services for Boards that can be tailored to meet a Board’s specific needs.

Our team of experienced executive compensation consultants are deep subject matter experts as well as skilled facilitators who can readily manage complex relationships.

Our Board advisory services include:

  • Educating the Board in matters relating to executive compensation and keeping the committee informed of emerging issues
  • Assisting the Compensation Committee with the development and maintenance of an executive compensation strategy
  • Drafting or supporting the content selection with respect to public disclosure materials
  • Assessing the extent to which existing executive compensation programs deliver pay for performance
  • Conducting competitive market reviews of executive compensation arrangements
  • Working with a company’s Management team to ensure consistency of information and transparency

To find out more about how Gallagher McDowall Associates can help you with your Executive Compensation needs, please contact us.