Board-Commissioned Executive Compensation Audits

Executive compensation practices have evolved significantly in recent years. One way to take stock of a company’s situation is to conduct a comprehensive audit of an organization’s executive compensation arrangements.

Gallagher McDowall Associates has significant experience in leading such audits for Boards. Our rigorous approach to conducting such reviews considers all the major factors that shape the efficacy of executive compensation plans, including:

  • Executive compensation strategy – including verifying compensation practices relative to stated strategic statements
  • Market competitiveness – including peer group selection and general market positioning
  • Compensation mix and design – including testing for alignment with the compensation strategy, examining plan design features and reviewing plan documentation
  • Pay for performance – including reviewing incentive plan metrics, compensation plan stress testing, and analysis of how incentive plans have paid historically as well as how they might pay out relative to future growth scenarios
  • Executive compensation risk – including risks associated with plan design features and metrics
  • Disclosure – including ensuring approaches align with CSA Guidelines

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