Total Compensation / Total Rewards Strategies

Your total compensation or total reward strategy sets out the key considerations for designing and managing compensation programs. It defines what is needed to attract, motivate and retain skilled employees and drive business results.

Gallagher McDowall Associates can help you to review or develop a compensation strategy that’s right for your business. We’ll ensure the strategy covers all the key considerations needed for sound compensation programs, including:

  • Your organization’s desired market positioning
  • The appropriate mix between base pay and variable pay
  • Links between pay and performance

We can also help you review your compensation programs to ensure they are in line with your compensation strategy. We partner with you to:

  • Assess how well your current compensation programs support your organization’s business strategy
  • Evaluate compensation programs against competitive market practice
  • Review incentive plan designs and metrics to test for alignment with business objectives
  • Test for legislative compliance issues

The program review helps ensure:

  • Compensation programs remain aligned with current business objectives
  • The total compensation approaches delivers fair and competitive pay opportunities

Gallagher McDowall Associates also has strategic relationships with other providers to complement its own consulting team and ensure all aspects of total rewards – including pensions and benefits – can be addressed for clients.

Contact us to find out more about how Gallagher McDowall Associates can help you with your Total Compensation or Total Rewards Strategy.