Compensation & Job Evaluation Outsourcing

If you’re feeling stretched by the many projects and priorities you face, or if you want to focus your on core HR services, Gallagher McDowall Associates is here to help.

We offer a wide array of compensation outsourcing services, that can represent a cost-effective alternative to hiring additional in-house human resources staff.

When Gallagher McDowall Associates becomes an extension of your HR department, you get the staff, data, technology, and expertise you need, who can take on:

  • Market pricing and job evaluation to support your compensation review process
  • Audits of compensation programs to ensure market competitiveness and legislative compliance
  • Incentive plan design or recalibration to ensure alignment with organizational performance measures
  • Custom survey administration
  • Compensation administration

Using a third party to support your organization’s job evaluation work can help you save a lot of time and resources – and it can help enhance the credibility of the process as well.

To find out more about how Gallagher McDowall Associates can help you with your Compensation & Job Evaluation Outsourcing needs, please contact us.