Gallagher McDowall Associates offers a proven and broad array of compensation consulting services designed to help you maximize the strategic value of your reward programs.

We bring the insights and experience you need to create the compensation solutions that are right for your organization, including

  • Strategic expertise and thought leadership reflecting insights on what really works
  • Technical depth and analytical support for competitive market reviews and program design testing
  • A proven approach for engaging key stakeholders – including organizational leaders, employees, unions, councils and board members
  • Effective tools and technology that can be tailored to your needs

Our work covers the full spectrum of compensation and total rewards services, including broad-based compensation, executive compensation, pay equity and compensation outsourcing.


Broad-Based Compensation

Well-designed and competitive compensation programs are essential to ensure your organization can attract, retain and motivate the talent you need to succeed.

Gallagher McDowall Associates can partner with you to develop compensation strategies and programs that align with your business strategy and talent needs.

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Executive Compensation

An effective approach to executive compensation ensures your organization’s leadership team is effectively aligned with the strategy and direction of the business.

At McDowall Associates, we have extensive experience in designing and reviewing executive compensation programs and in working with Boards.

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Job Evaluation and Job Measurement

A process for defining job value and establishing a job hierarchy is critical for effective compensation management.

Gallagher McDowall Associates offers access to proven point factor job evaluation plans like the standard McDowall Universal Job Evaluation Plan as well as customized job evaluation plans that can support both compensation design and pay equity compliance.

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Pay Equity Consulting

At Gallagher McDowall Associates, we have unparalleled experience in assessing, developing and updating pay equity plans to ensure your organization remains compliant.

Whether you’re dealing with provincial pay equity legislation in Ontario and Quebec or federal pay equity regulations – we’ve got you covered!

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Market Reviews and Custom Salary Benchmarking

A core competency at Gallagher McDowall Asociates is our ability to help clients measure the competitiveness of their reward programs relative to the external marketplace. We have conducted compensation survey for clients in a number of sectors, including Mortgage/Financial, Education and Real Estate.

We have developed online salary survey tools that enable us to efficiently conduct custom compensation surveys that deliver highly relevant compensation information for specific jobs and job families, with leveling capabilities.

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Compensation Surveys

In addition to supporting individual clients with custom salary benchmarking, Gallagher McDowall Associates also manages compensation surveys for industry groups and associations.

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